4 Ways A Whole Home Generator Can Help You This Summer

whole home generator summer

Here in Utah, we don’t have to worry about tornadoes or hurricanes or tropical storms in the summer, but we still have our fair share of issues a whole home generator can help us through. Utah is a desert state, after all, which means we’re reliant on power in order to maintain a comfortable life, especially when temperatures soar to over 100 degrees outside.

Is A Standby Generator An Investment?

Our society is exceptionally reliant on electricity. Everything from the batteries in our phone to some cars requires electricity to get them up and running. This means that when the power goes out, we can feel very lost and confused. Unfortunately, storms happen all the time and can at any point knock the power out, […]

Five Tips to Reduce Whole Home Generator Noise

Many homeowners in the market for backup generators worry about how much noise their units might make. After all, they require an engine to drive the alternator that generates electricity. And that sounds like it should be loud.  But how loud are generators, exactly? And do they comply with neighborhood noise levels?  The Generac generators […]